Parallel Solutions


Finally take advantage of Parallel Transitions as part of your workflow!

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This is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS PDM that works around the current limitations of the Parallel Transition functionality in workflows.

There is a known limitation in SOLIDWORKS PDM that does not allow for both a user and date value to be set during a role approval. This add-in uses the standard Parallel Transition but uses other methods to make sure that both the approver and the approval date can be populated independently for each role.

Other features

  • Custom comments in the file history for each role that is completed
  • Each parallel transition gets its own set of variables; highly customizable
  • Custom modifications to base code available (extra fee)

This add-in is at the end of its development. If you would like to know when it has been released or if you are interested in pre-release testing, please fill out the form below.

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