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My name is Karl Wooster. My background is in Mechanical Design and more recently as an Application Engineer for a SOLIDWORKS value-added reseller [VAR].

This varied experience allows me to offer you industry guidance as well as specific, hands-on capabilities. I have a firm grasp on the design side and what it takes for you to be successful with SOLIDWORKS. I have also worked with numerous customers helping them get the most out of their PDM implementations.

Here is a short list of some of the services that we can offer.

  • PDM Server Migration

    Move server components from an existing server to a new server.

  • PDM Server Upgrade

    Upgrade all PDM components including clients.

  • SOLIDWORKS Upgrades

    Use an Administrative Image to apply upgrades to all clients.

  • PDM Development

    Develop PDM workflows and other modules to optimize usage.

I am a Professional driven by creative ideas

In today’s design departments, fewer people are expected to get more done. This tends to lead to “low-priority” projects getting put off or completely ignored; people are expected to wear too many hats. Let my experience working with customers to achieve their goals get you to that next step.

Whether it’s a PDM implementation that still feels like it’s partway through phase 1 or drawing templates that just aren’t right; maybe it’s licensing that got you all twisted up and you aren’t sure what you have and what you actually need.

We can also help you achieve short-term goals. Maybe your PDM server is aging out? Maybe you want to upgrade to 2020+ but you're still running Windows Server 2012? How about just getting everything upgraded? Name your project, we can probably help.

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My Education
Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Concentration Mechanical

Walla Walla University, 2006–2009

My Experience
Application Engineer, CSWE

Quest Integration, 2015-2020

Mechanical Engineer

Alliance Machine Systems International, 2014-2015

Mechanical Design Engineer

Key Technology, 2008-2014

My Awards
Elite Application Engineer


Site of the Month
Awards – Website Project, 2015
CSS of the Month

Awards – Website Project, 2014

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