A way to document something I just found in a "Today I Learned" format.

Netlify Subdomain Redirect

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The theme I’m using in Hugo hides list numbers and bullets. Not sure why...

DigitalOcean Setup

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Basic Steps

Create Non-Root User and Adjust Permissions


Blue Iris URLs

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I Stole These

Literally a copy-paste from Blue Iris URLs for external streams:...

New Website!

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It’s taken more time than I’d like to admit, but I’ve finally moved enough...

Hugo Commands

I can never seem to remember how I’ve setup Hugo and what that command is for creating a new post, so here are a...

Linux Unattended Upgrades

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This is just so I can be consistent. Hope this helps!

How to configure automatic...

MS SQL Express Static Port

Because SQL Express defaults to a dynamic port, opening the firewall can be a bit tricky. Typically, for PDM, it’s...

Upgrade to SQL 2014 SP3

For some reason, this is harder to find than it should be, so here’s a GoEngineer link and the actual link to the...

Reset Default Admin Password

If the default administrator password is forgotten, here is a guide on how to recover it:

How to reset the default...

Synology Zerotier Setup

Create a persistent TUN

SSH into your NAS

ssh user@local-ip

The following setup steps must be run as root

sudo -i


VPN Issues

For whatever reason, trying to connect to a VPN from a domain account that was connected using the VPN has issues:


PS Domain Commands

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Join a domain

Must be an elevated Powershell prompt.

add-computer -domainname <name>...

Netlify Large Media Setup

Every time I need to clone to a new computer, I have to remember how to set up the credentials for...

DialogResult and the Cancel Button

Cancel buttons can be an important part of working with forms. If no DialogResult is set, the form will close but the...